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DaVinci Education and the Curriculum DaVinci

The Curriculum DaVinci provides Science and History embedded in themes. Themes from all over the world that connect everything to everything and everyone to everyone else.

  • DaVinci’s goal is to connect all children in the world, in peace and harmony through excellent education.
  • All materials are included in ready-to-start packages and it is suitable for children ages 4-12 years. Custom made materials, as well as, diversity in processing: DaVinci is suitable for all children.
  • Adapted to modern times: it is compatible with digital and smart boards with online assignments. It also includes mind maps, higher order thinking, Science & Engineering, and 21st century skills.
  • High quality education: promoted by the University of Twente – Twente Academy Young.

Over 100.000 children work with the themes provided by DaVinci’s Education … read more >>

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