Catholic quire / the curriculum DaVinci

BijbelkaternFor Catholic schools there is an additional Catholic quire available for the Curriculum DaVinci. This quire contains an overview of Biblical stories for each week. The year is divided into four parts and each year there are four additional themes that can be discussed in the school.

The themes are as followed:

  1. Yourself & the Other
  2. Peace & Freedom
  3. Growth & Development
  4. Feelings & Trust

The Biblical stories told complement the curriculum in three ways:

  • the ecclesiastical year: it is complemented with Christmas, Easter, Ascension, and Whitsun
  • the Bibleline: the most essential stories from the Bible are discussed at least once in the lower, middle, and upper grades
  • the themes of the curriculum DaVinci: the four themes for the entire school as well as the themes in the classrooms have a Biblical view

UDV152105 poster 80x120-bijbellijn posterversie.indd

Each theme consist of a PowerPoint presentation with additional songs and worksheets. This is your way of making catechism just as you want it and in line with the vision of your school.

In addition to the four themes for the entire school, school celebrations could be held. These can be shaped by own thoughts, wishes, and visions. DaVinci has a helping hand: www.schoolvieringen.nl

The curriculum is visually supported by a Bibleline. On this visual display children can see in which order the Biblical stories will be discussed. This Bibleline can be ordered separately.