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We give presentations in how to implement the curriculum in the schools. The duration is roughly 1,5 hours and provides a clear image what the curriculum is. We only ask for a compensation of the travel expenses.

If schools want more information beforehand, they can make a skype-appointment. During this appointment, we can provide a short overview of the curriculum. For an appointment click on the Contact form.


A good implementation of the curriculum DaVinci results in clarity and determination with the teachers. This influences the children in a positive way. Time and quality are effectively intertwined in the curriculum. DaVinci can help with implementing the curriculum in the school.

Wishes differ from school to school, but we listed a few services we can offer:

  • Preparing efficiently: how do I organize the themes without losing time during the lessons;
  • Quality management: how do I organize the curriculum in the schoolteam while enhacing individuality and the themes;
  • Pedagogy and didactics: how to optimize the performance of children, how to emphasize curiosity, and how can you strengthen inquiry learning, 21st century skills, and high order thinking processes;
  • Education with a strong vision: how to combine the vision of the school with Science and History from organizational, pedagogical, and didactical viewpoints.

The duration of a seminar is 3 hours and costs € 745. This includes a pre-screening, travel time, and preparation. Seminars are custom made and adapter to personal wishes. A seminar can also be combined with a team-training. The costs are € 1195, instead of €1490, for one day (6 hours).
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We have many years experience in the educational field. We know which patterns occur in the school teams and while working together. With a business set-up, it becomes clear which patterns occur in the team. This set-up is also called systemic and is develop by a German therapist Bert Hellinger. Your team and dynamic patterns become visible in a systematic overview. You can think of, for example:

  • Lack of solidarity
  • Absenteeism through illness
  • Upper grades feel pressured
  • Upper grades experience too little recognition
  • Many parents are dissatisfied
  • There is an exodus of children in schools

Bottle-necks in the team are visible and it becomes clear where the problems arise. Set-ups are also useful for decision making, gaining insight in the free market processes, executing management interventions or deciding which steps to take next. The methodology is visual and unique. The results are easy accessible.

We work with the management as well as with teams. The training costs are € 625 (for the entire team) including 2,5 hours of pre-screening. The 1,5-hour training, for management only, costs € 375. All business set-ups are custom made by educational publisher DaVinci. A seminar can also be combined with a team-training. The costs are € 1195, instead of €1490, for one day (6 hours).
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