Timeline of the human civilization / The Curriculum DaVinci

Tijdlijn Wereldori├źntatie Geschiedenis

Upper grades work with an integrated timeline, with the differences and similarities between nations through time, to show connections throughout the history of the human civilization.
The timeline displays three lines and dimensions from top to bottom:

  • The Dutch history
  • The most important nations and periods in Europe
  • The most influential nations on earth

DaVinci Tijdlijn van de Menselijke Beschaving

The timeline is 2,5 meters long and starts 3000 B.C. During the lessons, attention is focused on connections between nations. You can see how special the pyramids were from Egypt compared to the megaliths from our Stone Age. When time passes, you can see the involvement of the Netherlands in the Roman era. The Romans did not appear spontaneously in the Netherlands, but were winning field in Europe over time. This is visible on the timeline for Europe. One must not think the timeline is a static object in the classroom. The Timeline cards, for each nations and periods, can be placed on the Timeline when discussing it. You have to actually work with it. Additionally, ten visual displays of the history as well as the 50 events from the “Canon” and other relevant cards can be attached to it.